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Welcome to the Casa Vacanze La Mattonara website

A home for your holidays in the Viterbo countryside, situated in a wonderful green oasis, close to the City of Popes.
The structure and arrangement of the newly refurbished apartments, tastefully and stylishly furnished, provides practicality in both classic and modern styles, with rooms offering every comfort.

The spick and span environment is designed for relaxation: the holiday house is surrounded by greenery and equipped with swimming pool, private parking and solarium. 

All just a short distance from Viterbo’s historic centre.
Located just before you enter the town, in La Mattonara, at the intersection of the South Cassia (SR2) Km and Strada Filante.

•1.3 km from Viterbo’s historic centre 
•5 km from the Terme dei Papi (Spa of Popes) and the natural hot pools
•5 km from the Pozze Termali Masse (San Sisto public spas) 
•15 km from Montefiascone
•30 km from Civita di Bagnoregio
•45 km from Orvieto
•12 km from Lake Vico
•22 km from Lake Bolsena
•40 km from Tarquinia
•70 km from Rome

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La Mattonara holiday apartments

For your holiday in Viterbo, Casa Vacanze La Mattonara apartments will afford you plenty of space and services dedicated to your comfort.

There are two holiday apartments, both with living room cooker with oven, fridge, kitchen area, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine and television in the living room and bedroom.

They also have their own bathroom with shower, bidet, bathrobe and bath products for a souvenir of your holiday.

Each apartment has been renovated, tastefully furnished with care and is well-organised, practical and clean, with areas for relaxation.

La Strelizia apartment

This apartment has a double bedroom, twin bedroom, living room with double sofa bed and two bathrooms.

We recommend you choose a larger space if you wish to take a holiday apartment in Viterbo with your family or friends. It’s also a great place to relax.

La Calla apartment

The space in this apartment is arranged around a comfortable bedroom and a well-equipped bathroom.

A private, peaceful atmosphere, with a practical, stylish living room, for a stay in the ideal holiday home for two or more people.


This 130 sqm apartment consists of an entrance hall, a living room, a sitting room, a kitchenette, 4 bedrooms, 2 with a double bed and 2 with twin beds.

L'Iris apartment can accommodate up to 13 people with comfortable sofa beds, 2 comfortable bathrooms each with a shower

Places to visit around Viterbo

Things to see in the surrounding area


One of the most important Etruscan cities, Tarquinia was one of twelve Etruscan settlements in a relationship with Rome from ancient times. It is the city of the Etruscan dynasty of kings (Tarquinius Priscus, Servio Tullio and Tarquinius Superbus), who played a major role in history at the end of the VII – VI centuries BC. The ancient Etruscan and Roman city stood on the top of “La Civita”, where it remains today, with its ancient necropolis of Monterozzi and the splendid Etruscan tombs to visit. In addition, on its coast lies the seaside resort of Lido di Tarquinia.

Lake Bolsena

Located about 22 km from Viterbo, this lake was formed of 300,000 years ago, following the collapse of the caldera volcanoes in the Volsini chain. Bolsena Lake is the largest lake of volcanic origin in Europe.

Palazzo Farnese

The Palazzo Farnese (or Villa Farnese) is located in Caprarola in the province of Viterbo in Lazio. It is one of the best examples of manor house era. It was built for the Farnese family. Owned by the Italian Republic, since 2014 is managed by the Polo Museale of Lazio.


At about 70 km from Viterbo is the capital of Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its dense historical centre brimming with monuments and beautiful artefacts from Roman to contemporary times.
You can also visit the main churches of the Holy See in the city, such as the basilicas of St Peter and St Paul Outside the Walls. Rome is among the 50 Italian sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Lake Vico

This volcanic lake is located in the province of Viterbo and boasts a record altitude of 507 m above sea level. The territory of Lake Vico is included among the areas of particular natural interest in Lazio and since 1982 has been one of the ecological habitats of interest in Italy as a nature reserve and protected area.

Civita di Bagnoregio

To visitors, the famous “dying town” appears to be all shut up on top of the steep tuff rock in the desolate Calachi valley. The clay soil dictates its progressive collapse and its “passing away”. A modern access ramp leads into Civita, which has no asphalt or cars and has an urban structure that has remained intact and uninhabited since the end of the sixteenth century.


For places to visit in Viterbo, first of all we recommend you see the medieval Palace of the Popes or the Papal Palace, and the Cathedral, which are the most important historic monuments in the city. Among the other beauty spots and special places is the San Pellegrino district, located on the ancient Via Francigena that still has its thirteenth century towers and palaces. We also suggest you visit Bullicame, a sulphurous hot spring at about 58° C, located just outside Viterbo. It is the best known of the many thermal and hypothermal springs fed by Viterbo’s largest thermal basin.


Located about 46 km from Viterbo, it welcomes visitors with its majestic Duomo di Orvieto, the cathedral of the diocese and with Italian Gothic architecture. The façade is decorated with bas-relief and sculptures created by the Sienese architect Lorenzo Maitan. Another special feature is the Pozzo di San Patrizio, the historic well constructed to supply water to the fortress of Albornoz in case of siege or conflict. Completed in 1537, the well is 62 metres deep and is formed within two independent helicoidal staircases that were designed to make it easier to transport water.


This is a town to be visited not far from Viterbo that distinguishes itself from other attractions nearby through its medieval structure of the Church-Basilica of San Flaviano, built in the eleventh century in Romanesque style and one of the largest and most important religious buildings of the province of Viterbo.
Another precious site to visit is the Santa Margherita cathedral in Renaissance style, which is characterised by its great seventeenth century dome, nearly 27 metres in diameter, comparing well with some of the major Italian churches.

Why stay in the Mattonara Holiday Home

For your holiday in Viterbo, the Casa Vacanze La Mattonara apartments are the ideal departure point for day trips to the surrounding area, the city of Rome and the towns of Orvieto and Bolsena. Located not far from the City of the Popes, the house is a central point for travelling between spas, villages and natural landscapes.

If you are looking for a carefree holiday, the fully renovated apartments surrounded by greenery and equipped with swimming pool and solarium, enable you to live in comfort and relaxation during your stay in the Viterbo area.

For your every need, whether peace and quiet or more activity, La Mattonara holiday apartments offer you several possibilities in Viterbo, even if only for a weekend!



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Viterbo holiday home - La Mattonara

Distance from the main tourist centres

• 1.3 km from Viterbo’s historic centre
• 5 km from the Terme dei Papi (Spa of Popes) and the natural hot pools
• 5 km from the Public Thermal Baths of San Sisto
• 15 km from Montefiascone
• 30 km from Civita di Bagnoregio
• 45 km from Orvieto
• 12 km from Lake Vico
• 22 km from Lake Bolsena
• 40 km from Tarquinia
• 70 km from Rome
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